Romney’s favorability remains underwater, and there is no grassroots movement clamoring for him to come save America. The people yearning for a Romney redux — the ones hyping to the press Romney’s supposed viability and demand among the general public — are stupendously wealthy donors eager to see a a stupendously wealthy person occupy the White House.

True, a CNN poll last year appeared to show voters with intense buyer’s remorse ove the 2012 election. In a hypothetical re-do, respondents “elected” Romney, 53 percent to 44 percent.

But these do-over polls are dubious indicators of potential electoral outcomes, serving more as barometers of how respondents feel about incumbents at specific points in time. Romney topping Obama in one poll last summer is far less impressive when you consider Obama was at the time saddled with global crises and the worst approval rating of his presidency. And it’s even less impressive when you consider that in the same survey, Romney still trailed Hillary Clinton by double-digits.