3. Turning Things Into Entitlements Makes Them Crappy and Expensive
Our country clearly didn’t learn this from ObamaCare, or Medicaid, or the G.I. Bill, or federal student “aid,” or school lunches, or younametheentitlement, or the Soviet Union, or Cuba, or younamethecommunists, but socializing something irresistibly drives down quality and drives up prices. Duh. Haven’t these people ever taken an economics class? Or read a history book?

Since they are so obviously uneducated, why are we letting these people have any say over education?

4. Four of 5 Attendees Don’t Graduate Community College
That’s right. In the six years after beginning to attend community college, only 21 percent of students graduate with a two-year degree. Not a really impressive track record that bears rewarding. So what we will really be paying for here is for community colleges to load up on students and income with little regard for whether those students benefit from, you know, a degree.