A new Washington Post-ABC News poll shows Huckabee, who will appear on multiple Sunday shows this weekend as he launches a nationwide book tour, trails Hillary Clinton 56-39 in a prospective 2016 matchup among registered voters. By comparison, the Post-ABC poll has also surveyed Rand Paul, Jeb Bush and Chris Christie in separate polls in 2014, and none trailed by as much as Huckabee does now.

Clinton leads him by 17 points among political independents, by 27 among moderates and even by 18 among Huckabee’s fellow southerners.

The former secretary of state even takes 27 percent of the white evangelical vote — an overwhelmingly Republican demographic and the lifeblood of Huckabee’s 2008 campaign, which won the Iowa caucuses and seven other states before losing the nomination to Sen. John McCain. And she leads him among white non-evangelical Protestants by 14 points.