Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Republicans in the House may have sent the Senate a measure that yanks President Obama’s immigration orders — but it’s just not going to happen because Democrats won’t join the effort.

“You look at the hand you’re dealt,” he said, reminding of the need for at least six Democrats to get on board with the bill, The Hill reported. “There are not 60 Republicans so you have to convince six Democrats to move with them. Pigs will fly out of my rear end before that happens.”

The bill in question is the one that funds Homeland Security and repeals Mr. Obama’s order to keep millions of illegals from being deported. All 54 Republicans in the Senate would have to support that measure — which is a hard sell in itself. Another six Democrats at minimum would have to sign off on it, too — and Mr. McConnell said that’s just not going to happen, The Hill reported.