Scotter isn’t trying to overdo it. That “woohoo” is the signature line of this septuagenarian super-volunteer, who is well-known in the state for out-calling, out-visiting and out-working activists a third her age. If you go to political events in Iowa, you will often hear her before you see her. When it comes to Romney, Scotter, who has gotten to know him personally over the years, doesn’t groan like so many others at the two-time presidential candidate who’s now improbably exploring a third run; instead, her optimism goes into overdrive. “It’s real easy to say he’s had his turn,” she says. “But that says to me … they’re just scared.”

Scared wasn’t a word I heard from many other top Romney backers in Iowa. True, there are those—here and around the country—who don’t like his chances as a two-time losing candidate. And it remains to be seen whether he’ll even enter the race and, on top of that, make it all the way to Iowa’s first-in-the-nation caucuses, which are still barely more than a year away.

But at least for now, the temperature here for Romney, on balance, is reading positive. After all, he placed second in the past two rounds of the GOP caucus before, of course, earning his party’s nomination in 2012. In 2008, only former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee got more support. And in 2012, Rick Santorum topped Romney by just 34 votes, the closest caucus finish ever. The truth is, Romney still has support here. Many who have gotten to know him in the state over the past several years simply like the guy a lot.