Reid recalled the painful day of the accident, noting that he and his wife Landra were in their new home in Henderson, Nevada, just outside of Las Vegas. He was performing an exercise on a large rubber band, but when it snapped, it spun him around and sent him flying into his cabinets. The crash nearly caused him to bang his temple, which could have made the accident even more serious. Sources familiar with the incident said Reid was exercising in his bathroom, with the exercise band attached to the shower door.

“It didn’t knock me out, but it sure hurt,” Reid said calmly Thursday. “And I was taken to the hospital.”

In next week’s surgery, doctors will attempt to reconstruct the broken bones around his eye. A bone that’s broken, he said, is pushed in against his eye, affecting his ability to see. Moreover, blood continues to sit in the back part of his eye, forcing doctors to drain it as part of the reconstruction effort. A senator who spoke to Reid say it’s possible he may need multiple surgeries.