DEAN: This is about depriving them of a propaganda victory which seek. Every time we use the word Islamic in conjunction with their behavior we are making it easier for them to recruit, and that is a mistake.

STEPHENS: These are people steeped in Islamic or Islamist theology, people who trained in madrassas, people who went to Yemen, people who identify as Muslims. I don’t think, presumably a Christian, have any right to excommunicate them from the religion to which they belong, they were reared and whose name they carried out attacks in.

DEAN: This is like people who shoot up abortion clinics are Christian jihadists.

MAHER: But, Howard, I mean —

DEAN: Come on, give me a break here.

MAHER: Poll after poll — just to take one example, I’ll leave violence in the Muslim world out of this — poll after poll shows almost, most Muslims in the world, world over, say the wife is always obligated to obey her husband. Is that how you would describe your marriage? Because if not, I don’t think your statement, “I’m about as Islamic as they are” is true.

DEAN: But they’re crazy, these people. They are not rational —

MAHER: But most Muslims say the wife is always obliged to obey her husband.