And while Huckabee has had great success with Fox News, he has found a reliable foe in Glenn Beck, a former Fox personality.

Beck and Huckabee have been at odds publicly for years, but the rivalry has recently become even more heated. Earlier this month, Beck called Huckabee “one of the most disingenuous men I have ever met” and accused him of being “a liar to your face.”…

For all of the serious policy questions, and there were many, his supporters still wanted to talk TV. One audience member wanted to know: Who does Huckabee consider to be the smartest on-air personality at Fox News?

“A lot of people make fun of how beautiful the women are at Fox, and yes: Compare them to any network, and ours are easier on the eyes than anybody else’s,” Huckabee said, mostly dodging the question. “However, they’re not there just because they’re attractive.”

Huckabee singled out the primetime anchor Megyn Kelly, who he said is “just amazing in her ability.”

“I wouldn’t want to get into a verbal fight with her,” he chuckled.