Domenech doesn’t think that the young right’s targets need to be driven out of the industry. “We’re trying to give voice to some critiques that some people have long had of journalism, whether it’s of news or of culture,” says Domenech. “We’re not trying to drive anyone out of business. To a certain degree, when we critique a journalist or a public figure like Tyson, we’re not doing so out of animosity toward that person. We’re doing so because we want them to stop saying that thing that isn’t true.”

The Free Beacon has an explicitly generational message when it comes to Democrats, and their presumed 2016 presidential candidate. It applies the clickable tag “trolling” to a burgeoning number of pieces, many of them by Andrew Stiles, who left National Review for the WFB after “burning out on politics.” Recent Stiles stories have worn headlines like “SHOCKING: Hillary Clinton Could Be the Youngest Democrat Running in 2016,” and “You Won’t Believe How Old the Democratic Party’s Leaders Really Are,” and “Hillary Clinton Has Mastered The Art of Turning Her New Grandchild Into a Stump Speech.”

“I think it’s perfectly reasonable to look at the Democratic Party, which is supposed to represent younger generations, being run by Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, both in their 70s, and thinking about nominating Hillary, who will be pushing 70, and think: Wait a minute? Is the best we can do?” says Stiles. He felt the same way in 2008, when he voted for Barack Obama. His turn to the right came, he says, when he started paying closer attention to politics. “It was easy to be a liberal in college and watch The Daily Show and feel good about myself but not really know anything.”