Somabar is a Kickstarter project that is fueled by the hope that people will clear some room on their crowded countertops in order to have an automated cocktail maker. The Somabar team describes it as a “Nespresso for cocktails.” The Wi-Fi-connected device holds six cylinders that you fill with your favorite cocktail ingredients. An app for iOS and Android acts as the controller, letting you tell the Somabar to mix you up a Manhattan, martini, or a Death in the Afternoon (absinthe and champagne courtesy of Ernest Hemingway).

The Somabar even has a special bitters infuser and is designed to precisely mix a cocktail. If you find a recipe you like, the Somabar will be able to replicate it exactly the same way every time. The six liquid-holding pods can be filled, refilled and swapped out for different drink combinations. An automatic internal water flushing system makes sure the taste of bourbon is wiped clean before you mix a margarita.