He’s right that it’s routine—when a bill passes the Senate and is signed by the President. But Senate Democrats will kill any bill that defunds Mr. Obama’s order. What happens then?

That’s the question we never seem to get an answer to. A budget stalemate means a government shutdown after Dec. 11. As far as we can tell, Mr. Sessions believes that if Republicans hold firm during a shutdown, the public will eventually side with the GOP, Senate Democrats will roll over, and the President will surrender. Does this sound remotely plausible?

Our guess is that a run off the rails is precisely what Mr. Obama wants, so he can blame Republicans for a shutdown and diminish their political standing before the 114th Congress even begins. For proof, look no further than the many liberal pundits who sound like Mr. Sessions in mocking the House leadership. After the election, they’re begging for a return to GOP suicide.