Those who have participated in marches seeking “justice” for Brown have stepped beyond their First Amendment rights to peaceful assembly by terrorizing their fellow Americans by disrupting traffic and scaring shoppers who had nothing to do with the Brown verdict. As I returned home from an interview on Fox News last Wednesday, hundreds of protesters shut down one of the main traffic arteries in New York City, demanding “justice” for Brown. Many of the protesters were peaceful. Others were not. Some wielding signs hit the roof, windshield, and body of the car I was traveling in. I will never forget the face of the little boy in the car in front of me who looked absolutely petrified as his car was surrounded.

A number of the St. Louis Rams disgraced themselves last Sunday when they entered the stadium with a “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” pose even though the evidence indicated Brown’s hands were not raised at the time of his death. Peaceful protest is welcome in America today—seeking to disrupt Americans looking to enjoy an NFL game is obnoxious.

The eyes of Lady Justice are intentionally covered to provide equal treatment under the law for all. Justice should not be selective to fit a political narrative when the facts and evidence prove otherwise. Those advocating justice should first obey the rule of law themselves. Burning, rioting, and looting are disgraceful—particularly when done by those seeking to aggrieve a racial affront when evidence indicates race had nothing to do with Brown’s tragic death.