Hillary’s defense against revelations about the mess she made of her White House years is that she’s a good learner and won’t make those mistakes again. The Times makes this point today, yet it’s unconvincing. In a public relations fiasco, Hillary once closed down the White House press corridor. Nowadays she has reporters followed to the bathroom.  Where’s the learning?

The more serious problem is the impossibility of making a co-presidency work. Everything in today’s Times story tends to confirm this, yet there is no analysis or acknowledgement of the problem. I tackle the disastrous Clinton co-presidency, as well as the Clintons’ inability to learn from and correct their mistakes, in “Deja Two.”

The one tidbit in today’s Times profile that I don’t recall seeing before is that some of the Clinton White House economists who worried about the effects of Hillarycare nicknamed Hillary’s team “the Bolsheviks.” So maybe the roots of the Tea Party go back to 1993.