Yet, time and again, Bush is the top name to roll off everyone’s tongue.

The former Florida governor would bring enormous resources and a solid networking structure to the 2016 campaign, as well as a level of sophistication that Clinton allies think is lacking in the other candidates. 
The scion of the Bush family could raise millions of dollars in a flash and would have the support of Karl Rove’s super-PAC Crossroads GPS, which could raise hundreds of millions of dollars for him. Assuming he gets out of a tough GOP primary, he could also make inroads with Hispanic voters, who have defected in droves from Republican candidates in the last two elections.

“You can’t discount a Bush. Not at all,” said one Democratic consultant who worked on Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign. “For a Republican, he makes one of the most salient points for Hispanics and their perspective and he could easily carry Florida, a swing state. 

“We would be silly and foolish to dismiss those strengths and it’s one that we would have to confront with our own message and our own approach,” the consultant said.