Two more women accused Bill Cosby of sexual assault Wednesday, bringing the total number of accusers to 26, including 19 who have made public allegations. After an accuser stepped forward last month, Cosby’s lawyer, Marty Singer, called her “the latest example of people coming out of the woodwork with unsubstantiated or fabricated stories about my client.”

The allegations, though, appear to have swayed a sizable portion of the public. Cosby’s trust rating had fallen from 76.3 in March of last year to 57.1 by Nov. 19 of this year, according to Celebrity DBI, a rating produced by The Marketing Arm, a marketing and promotions agency, and powered by Repucom, a sports marketing research company. That pulled Cosby down from the No. 3 most-trusted celebrity (of the roughly 3,500 rated) to No. 2,626. He’d fallen from the company of Morgan Freeman and Dr. Oz to that of Brett Favre and John Calipari.