Karen Finney, a Democratic strategist, said that Carson is “certainly someone to be taken seriously,” in the GOP primary, but added that this does not necessarily transfer to the general election. “In terms of appeal in a general election, there are comments he has made that can come back to haunt him,” she said.

Carson dismisses those who criticize him for his remarks, and said they are just blowing them out of proportion. Yet, Carson does acknowledge that he is trying to make a point when he speaks on the issues of the day…

Cornell William Brooks, president of the NAACP, said he admires Carson as a surgeon and noted his son was inspired by one of Carson’s books to become a thoracic surgeon. But in terms of race relations, the two men are not on the same page.

“He is an extraordinary surgeon, extraordinarily passionate human being,” Brooks said. “But I disagree with the personalization of a set of policies that have been harmful, not only to African-Americans, but the country as a whole with any particular party. … Dr. Carson stands like a giant in the operating room, but in the civil rights arena we would love to have more conservation with him about our positions.”