It’s hard to fathom what is more absurd, the idea that a multiple gunshot wound victim would keep coming for more, or that a grand jury would believe it.

I’ve never been accosted by the police, which makes me something of a statistical oddity. I assume however that if I ever am, I would be terrified and I certainly wouldn’t attack an armed officer. I’m not a coward. It’s just that I just don’t have a death wish. And, contrary to some peoples’ opinions, neither do the overwhelming majority of African-Americans. 

This is why it’s hard for many to understand Wilson’s story. Basic common sense tells us that if someone has a gun and you don’t, you don’t pick a fight with them and you certainly don’t run at them full speed with your arms out while being fired on. Brown tested positive for marijuana, but not for a drug that historically associated with aggressive behavior like PCP. Nothing in his history supports the notion that he was prone to sudden, heedless violence. 

The concept of physically overpowering black males taunting police to shoot them feels like a myth while the prospect of being targeted by an overzealous white person, who’s finger in on the trigger, is a reality that plagues many African-Americans.