In several states where exit polling data for Hispanic voters is available, Democrats generally won the Hispanic vote in Senate and gubernatorial races. But in some states, Republicans did well among Hispanics, securing 40% or more of the vote.

This held true for two Senate races. In Georgia, Democrat Michelle Nunn won 57% of the Latino vote to Republican David Perdue’s 42%. But Perdue won the election. In Texas, the Latino vote was split between incumbent Republican John Cornyn (48%) and Democrat David Alameel (47%), as Cornyn won support from nearly half of Latinos. Exit poll data is not available for the Latino vote in Colorado or North Carolina, two key states in this year’s election.

In races for governor, the three states with the largest number of Latino voters had contests — California, Texas, and Florida. In Florida, Gov. Rick Scott won re-election despite losing the Hispanic vote to Democrat Charlie Crist by a margin of 38% to 58%, according to the state exit poll. That’s a marked decline from 2010, when 50% of Hispanics voted for Scott and from 2006, when the Latino vote was split 49%-49% between the two parties.