Looking back on all of this again you might see some similarities to the coverage of the Michael Brown shooting. Once again the media rushed forward with half-a-story. Brown was a gentle giant. An armed cop had shot the unarmed teen for no discernible reason, inviting speculation that there was an unspoken reason: racism.

It was initially claimed, in interviews aired by MSNBC and also by CNN, that officer Wilson had shot Michael Brown in the back as he was fleeing. These witnesses claimed Brown then turned and put his hands up but was shot dead by the advancing officer Wilson. This was a description of a cop committing a murder and, understandably, enraged people around the country.

Having thus established that Brown was the innocent victim of a police execution, progressives were furious when the police released video showing Brown committing a strong-arm robbery just a few minutes before the shooting. The image of the 6’5″ 290lb Brown intimidating and shoving a tiny store clerk who wanted him to pay before leaving his convenience store didn’t fit their narrative in which Brown had done nothing wrong.