It’s also simply true that he’s endorsing Sheldon Adelson’s lobbying stance. Lincoln is a lobbyist retained by Adelson’s Las Vegas Sands corporation; the Coalition is an Adelson front group, as has been known for most of 2014. Its less-than-secret mission is to bring social conservatives like Huckabee—and his viewers—into the trenches, to pass the Restoration of America’s Wire Act, ban Internet gambling, and thereby direct more profits to brick-and-mortar casinos. Like—oh, let’s just pick one at random—the Venetian.

Huckabee’s fresh enthusiasm for this cause sets him against his eternal intra-Republican Party enemies, the libertarians—or, as he calls them, the “faux-cons.” Opposition to the online gambling ban has been fomented and endorsed by the likes of FreedomWorks, Grover Norquist, Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty (through president John Tate), and the Competitive Enterprise Institute. “This bill allows the federal government to take a heavy hand in regulating the Internet, opening the door for increased Internet regulation in the future,” those groups’ leaders said in a letter to legislators this year.