Undoubtedly, there are more specific revelations to come, but the comments from Krone are particularly revealing. Part of what is so astounding about them is that the dysfunction stayed hidden for so long.  Was the media duped or compliant in not blowing the whistle on this? How were we this blind to the Democratic infighting? Evidently, the entire Democratic establishment, from the time the president was inaugurated to his second term in 2013 until now, had become nothing but a scheming, tactical political operation, bickering over money and positioning, with no particular interest in governing. Somehow, it appears to have been completely lost that, for an incumbent, good government is the best politics.

Anyway, as Insiders readers know, in politics, bad gets worse.  And for the Democrats, based on the size of their loss and on their leaders’ performances in the first 24 hours after defeat, things are going to get a lot worse. Reid, Pelosi and Obama couldn’t work together in the majority; does anyone think they are going to pull together in the minority? According to Krone, Obama resisted doing all he could for Democratic candidates who would serve with him in his last two years as president. Do Democrats think the president is going to do much to help candidates who will serve only after he leaves office? Does anyone think Obama is going to suddenly care about the DNC and make it an effective force? It is not unreasonable to think he couldn’t care less. It is probably fine with him if Wasserman-Schultz uses the committee as a vanity platform as long as he doesn’t have to meet with her. I wonder what will motivate Democratic donors to give to the DNC.