The snags she and others have encountered since the site reopened for enrollment on Nov. 15 include a resumption of some problems that had been fixed towards the end of the 2014 sign-up period, as well as fresh ones.

People who don’t have much credit history in the U.S. still can’t get through the site’s identity verification system to create an account, immigrant groups say. Call-center workers are supposed to manually route them to the next stage, under a policy CMS established last year,but some are refusing to override the automated system, immigrant groups say.

CMS officials said the administration improved identity verification by ensuring that a support line could handle problems in 200 languages. They said they weren’t aware of several of the technical issues described by immigrant groups and encouraged them to send in screenshots or broader descriptions for review.

Even some people whose identities were verified last year and sent in additional documents find they have to start from scratch this year, said Stephani Becker, senior policy specialist at the Sargent Shriver National Center on Poverty Law in Chicago.