If it’s not Clinton, other Democrats will have to start assembling their campaigns in earnest soon. And, if it is her, Plouffe said, according to Politico, it would be in her interests to stop denying the obvious. The campaign he ran against her in 2008 operated on the premise that voters didn’t trust her, a view that could persist if Clinton is perceived to be pretending not to run while she appears to be doing just that.

Brian Wolff, a former executive director of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee who is a longtime supporter of both Clintons, said the former Secretary of State would do well to keep her own counsel, rather than listen to what Obama’s strategists want.

“Those people advised him well in winning the presidency, but clearly haven’t been consistent on advising him well since,” Wolff said of Plouffe and other Obama strategists. “Hillary doesn’t need their advice. She’s got a great team around her.”

Plouffe didn’t respond to a request for comment.