More than that, I suppose it never occurred to the Dunham sisters that they ought to, uh, “check their sexual privilege”?  It’s a lot easier to narrate your own experiences when wealth and status insulate you from the consequences of your actions. The Dunham family and the rest of the urban creative class have some really, really messed-up ideas about sexual behavior because they can afford to. These people don’t have to wait a month to get treatment for an STD because they can’t find a doctor who takes Medicaid. Guilt is a relative concept, because those killjoy Levitical injunctions against bad behavior don’t apply to people that can easily afford to lawyer up should they hurt someone or run afoul of the law. They send their kids to America’s finest educational institutions, where they have instructional “sex workshops.″ They hire abortion doulas.

It’s probably never occurred to Lena Dunham she may not have a normal perspective on sexual behavior. Indeed, “normal” is not typically what happens to children raised in a $6 million Manhattan apartment who are given a “homework therapist.” It might be worth noting that Lena Dunham’s father was a famous and extremely wealthy artist (note that I did not say “talented”), who in many ways embodies the decadent art scene. Indeed, if you want to know how you raise an otherwise high-functioning daughter who has zero idea of why sexual abuse is wrong some NSFW pictures are worth a thousand words. I sincerely hope that Lena Dunham comes to terms with how what she did to her sister is wrong, but all she’s ever known is abundant wealth, early success and “the cultivation of the unique and holy You.”

When it comes to understanding right from wrong, she never had a chance.