Rule #3: She’s too weak!

Liberals often deride Clinton for her hawkishness, but conservatives see her as a pushover. She can’t win—push too hard and she’s an unrelenting harpy; try to take a nuanced approach and she wants America to be the world’s doormat.

“Failed Choices” first links Russia’s tense relations with the U.S. to the reason for the continued massacres in Syria. “The Reset hurt America’s standing in the world because it backfired so badly,” the authors write. “It failed to prevent innocent Syrians from being murdered by Russian weapons. It failed to protect journalists, gays, and dissidents from being jailed in Russia.”

The authors argue that Clinton “heaped praise” on Russia by telling an interviewer, “we view Russia as a great power.” They gloss over the fact that she went on to compare Putin to Hitler. (Putin more recently retorted, “It’s better not to argue with women.”)