Being a free-market sort, I honestly couldn’t give a hoot how rich the Clintons are. I couldn’t care less how they make their money, either. Would I like to see a country in which nobody was particularly interested in getting close to the once powerful or hearing what he had to say? Sure. Do I wish that former presidents disappeared into the sunset, never to be seen again? Absolutely. But we don’t live in that country. We live in a country in which the Clintons are rock stars, and people will pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to be near them. If, when presented with the opportunity, they elect to rake in the money, then good on them. But a sense of propriety at least requires that they be honest about the nature of the gig. Ex-presidents who make $16 million in a year speaking do not have to “work hard,” nor do they “struggle.” By the same token, couples that are genuinely worried about bankruptcy generally refrain from investing in more than one mansion. By the latest estimate, Bill and Hillary now have $200 million to their name. Regardless of what Elias Isquith wishes were the case, few conservatives care much about that per se. We’d just rather not hear sob stories from the most famous woman in the world.