But Christie tried forcefully to dismiss those concerns when he addressed a group of 300 donors during a speech Saturday, which was closed to the media. One of the first questions posed to him was whether the controversy over his administration’s closure of roads leading to the George Washington Bridge last September — in apparent retribution for the refusal of a local mayor to endorse Christie’s reelection — was behind him.

Christie: “I am not a crook”.
AT 12:13 PM JUNE 15, 2014
Christie replied that he didn’t get to “decide that,” according to accounts from people in the room, but he framed the bridge scandal as a media conspiracy against him after he won 61% of the vote in his gubernatorial race in a Democratic state. His opponents, he said, were trying to prevent him from getting any “more altitude.”

He insisted that he now had a firm command of the facts and that donors would not find out anything new: “Don’t be so nervous,” he said at one point.

“I’m not that worried about it. I hope none of you are worried about it, though I expect some of you are,” Christie told the crowd. “But you’ll get over it. It will be fine.”