Sharron Angle, the 2010 Republican nominee for Senate in Nevada who lost a gaffe-filled campaign to Harry Reid, wandered the hallway outside CPAC’s main ballroom. She laughed about Christie’s scandal “I think that whole Bridgegate stuff is just another diversion that the Democrats always try to pull on the Republicans. You know, we don’t want to talk about the real issues like Obamacare. We don’t want to talk about the real issues like Common Core. There are so many things the people of America want to know about: IRS, NSA, Fast and Furious, Benghazi. “

She urged Republicans to ignore Bridgegate, “But no, the liberals want to say, ‘oh, look at this bright, shiny thing over here on this bridge! Let’s talk about that!’ So, I think that whenever we see a Republican attack, we have to say, what’s the bright, shiny thing that Democrats want us to look at instead of the things that are important?’

The Daily Beast did try to track down mainstream Republicans on the question, including Texas Gov. Rick Perry, whose security detail helped him fend off admirers outside a Thursday night bash at a bar located a block from the hotel where CPAC was being held. When asked about Bridgegate, he was surprised at first, “What do I think about [Chris Christie?]” He paused. “I don’t think about him. I think it’s all –” Then his security detail hurried him away.

But, it’s a fair assumption that if he had been able to answer that the Texas governor likely just would have said something about Benghazi too.