With a real shot at winning the six seats they need to take the majority, Senate Republicans invited Christie—whose ability to raise money in the wealthy Acela Corridor is well known—to speak Tuesday at the National Republican Senatorial Committee’s winter policy meeting.

“The governor is still very, very popular amongst our donor base and the party,” said Rob Jesmer, a former executive director of the NRSC, which hosted the event at the Harvard Club in Manhattan. …

Despite the decline in the polls, Christie’s ability to raise money seems undiminished. As the head of the Republican Governors Association, he crisscrosses the country raising money to help elect Republicans. In Texas earlier this month he helped raise $1.5 million, and in January the RGA hauled in $6 million—a record for that month, according to an RGA spokesperson.

Some say Christie’s ability to raise money will help rehabilitate his image in advance of 2016. “Despite what’s happened in the past couple of weeks, he is still going to be a very formidable candidate for president,” Jesmer said.