Dylan Farrow describes the despair of one who is stuck in this Nietzschean panorama. It’s indeed a world that celebrates your tormentor, in which the “Superman” or ubermensch with the victorious Will to Power can rule by whim over everyone else. It’s an amoral world. There’s no room for individual integrity or dignity or free choice in it. You are expected to comply with whatever alternative reality your ruler wishes to impose on you. There’s no way out.

Today’s elitism and cult of celebrity are a deadly combination, a dangerously slippery Nietzschean slope. When massaged by adulation of the masses, the anointed are freer to adopt a proprietary attitude towards the lives of others. If you try to place checks on their power or insist on your own individual freedom, you become suspect and a threat. This is likely why the elites of our time push so hard for political correctness: to control what you may say, what you may do, and what you may think. Ultimately, this leads to dictating the personal relationships of everyone around them, adopting an attitude not unlike a high school queen bee.