Now take Barack Obama. He attended an elite prep school near the Waikiki beaches of Oahu; then, it was off to the Ivy League Columbia and his first job — “community organizer,” whatever that is.

From there, he hobnobbed at Harvard and held cushy jobs as a lawyer, a teacher and a state senator (where he voted “present” 129 times — think Teddy ever voted “present”?). Then he waltzed into the Senate after some Chicago-style dirty tricks and sowed division and disenchantment right into the White House.

Unlike TR, who liked to track white rhinos and once followed the Nile from Congo to Khartoum, this president likes to play golf and ride his bike (always with a helmet on, a real Rough Rider).

And unlike any other president in history, this one is a thin-skinned crybaby, bristling at the slightest criticism. More, he blames everyone but himself for his woes, targeting his opponents with personal attacks, unable to negotiate even the smallest compromise with the party that runs half of Congress — and represents the views of half of America.