I have proposed a “Read the Bills” resolution that would forbid voting on legislation until each bill is posted online and the Senate has been in session for at least one day for each 20 pages. If a bill is 40 pages, this means it couldn’t be voted on until at least two session days had passed. It makes perfect sense to give lawmakers adequate time to understand the legislation they are voting on.

As Obamacare is teaching us, there’s no excuse, and much danger, in passing bills that no one has read. Mrs. Pelosi had it exactly backwards: It is our responsibility and duty to read the bills and understand what’s in them before we pass them.

Perhaps one of the most important reforms Washington needs is recycling the people who run government. The time for term limits has come, and in fact, is long overdue. Most of the outlandish laws foisted upon us — like Obamacare — are concocted by people who’ve spent so much time in government they’ve become completely out of touch with the rest of the country. Add the influence of lobbyists and other special-interest groups that play such an influential role in Washington decision making, and the need to limit congressmen’s and senators’ terms becomes even more apparent.