”Texans are perfectly capable of assessing every elected official, assessing our record,” Cruz said when asked about their relationship, speaking from Washington via a live-satellite link. “I like and respect John Cornyn, and I’m honored to serve with him.”…

Cruz pointed to his own Senate primary contest, nodding to the “thousands upon thousands of grassroots activists” who propelled his campaign to victory.

“You’d mentioned a minute ago, the typical thing in Washington to do would be to endorse every Republican,” he said. “And frankly, I feel I owe a commitment to the men and women all across Texas. I think every incumbent owes it to the grassroots activists of their state to make the case why he or she should be reelected.”

He added, “If I went to Washington and became just another Washington politician who immediately endorses every incumbent, I think I’d be breaking faith with the men and women who worked very hard to elect me.”