Mr. Towery said the usual divisions among conservative Republican primary voters could open the door for former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush to emerge as a compromise candidate, in part because of the critical role Florida has earned in the nomination process. But conservatives haven’t been rushing to line up behind Mr. Bush, whom they see as moderate on immigration and who carries a family name that is suspect with voters…

Mr. Bozell expects that 2016 will be different — and more successful — for conservative Republicans for three reasons. “First, the GOP base is fed up with GOP moderation and after the monumental disappointments of McCain and Romney at the presidential level, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell in the Senate, and House Speaker John Boehner and his leadership team in the House, the base will have no appetite for another moderate.”

Mr. Bozell said the second reason is that in 2016 there will be a “bumper crop of excellent conservative challengers” who will be far more attractive to the base than those in 2012. “Any one of them could catch fire with the GOP base,” he added.

Mr. Bozell thinks conservatives are willing to unite behind an early favorite. “These are tipping-point times for our nation. Conservative challengers will be far more willing to set aside personal ambitions in favor of a united front than any time in the recent past.”