Shop owner Poser says the scarcity of ready-made bullets has frustrated shooters to the point they’re spending between $200 and $1,000 to get into the hobby known as “reloading.”

Derek Emmert is one such enthusiast. He’s making his own bullets “partially for hobby, something to do,” he says. “But, as well as, the cost of ammo off the shelf is outrageous right now. So if I can reload my own ammo, it’s gonna cut costs and make shooting a little more cheaper.”

Emmert sits with several other men around tables set up in the back of Poser’s shop. They’re here for a Saturday morning class on reloading. They listen as the instructor goes over the importance of adding just the right amount of gun powder. Too much, the instructor tells them, and you can “blow up your gun.”

But this increased interest in reloading has also led to shortages of the equipment and components needed to make bullets.