Let’s dispense with Christie immediately, because millions of Republicans nationwide already have. I’m pleased to have him as Governor of New Jersey, but his zeal to keep that job has involved episodes ranging from fawning over President Obama to faint-at-best support of the Romney-Ryan ticket to ambivalence over some conservative causes.

Senator Paul is an interesting guy. Not as out-there as his Dad, but still steeped in a rigid libertarianism that might place him just outside the GOP primary mainstream.

Walker and JIndal are superb public servants who have helped their states with bold conservative leadership, but they have been around for a hiccup of time compared to the decade and a half Perry will be able to tout in a thriving Texas.

I mention Jeb Bush only because every 2016 preview insists on it, even though I find absolutely no groundswell of desire for his candidacy.

So again– tell me who would be a bigger deal than Perry at the starting gate sometime around the summer of 2015?