Why the hell must I pick a side in the George Zimmerman trial? A 17 year old boy is dead and a man who may or may not be guilty of murder is on trial but, even if not guilty, will never again be safe because so much outrage and so much politicization has been poured into the trial. A 17 year old is dead. Why am I forced, as a conservative, to cheer for the guy who took his life? And you people who support Trayvon, how are you given a pass on seeing things from George Zimmerman’s perspective? Why must I decide on the guilt or innocence of George Zimmerman based on the outrage of people whose politics differ from mine? Why must a death and trial comport to a political world view?!

While I tend to think the left is worse about it than the right, I’m sure liberals think otherwise. But why must everything be so damn political? The President of the United States is a good father with a lovely wife and I disagree with both on pretty much everything. But I do not hate them.

A lot of people on the left and the right hate each other for a lot of stuff that in eternity really won’t matter. And here is what I find most and what will offend many of you on the left and right — those of you whose lives are most connected to your online personality and bravado, your blog or your twitter account, regardless of which side of the aisle you are on are some of the least well adjusted and most malcontented people in the world. Consequently, you are at war at all times and dialed up to 12 on a ten point scale of outrage about everything from a photoshopped picture to a male politician who really does want to save the life of a child who could survive outside the womb (hi, Media Matters).