The PC police tried to persuade people that I was comparing same-sex behavior with unacceptable forms of sexual variation. I was not making that comparison, but the speech minders insisted that it was my intention, as though they knew more about my intentions than I did. Their desire was to change the focus of the argument and to shut me up.

It is eminently possible to extend to any two consenting adults the right to legally bind themselves together in a civil ceremony that extends property and visitation rights without altering the traditional definition of marriage. Just for the record, I completely support equal rights for everyone, including gays, but I don’t think any group has the right to change fundamental pillars of society for everyone else in order to satisfy their own desires.

We should stop submitting to political correctness and instead start engaging civil discussion. By doing so, we can arrive at logical solutions that work for everyone instead of retreating to our respective corners and throwing hand grenades at each other. We must not succumb to the forces that wish to divide and conquer us. There is a reason that we are called the United States of America.