Rep. Raul Labrador, R-Idaho, who is on the House Judiciary Committee and had been a member of a bipartisan group working on immigration reform, echoed Roe’s concerns on Meet the Press. “In fact, if you look at this Obamacare debacle that they have right now, this administration is actually deciding when and where to actually enforce the law. And that’s what some of us in the House are concerned about. If you give to this administration the authority to decide when they’re going to enforce the law, how they’re going to enforce the law … what’s going to happen is that we’re going to give legalization to 11 million people and Janet Napolitano is going to come to Congress and tell us that the border is already secure and nothing else needs to happen.”

House Republicans already have a full plate on their agenda this summer and fall. Not only will there be full investigations into the legal basis for all of the Obamacare delays, but Congress must also pass new spending authorization to keep the government running by the end of September, and they have to raise the debt limit some time before January. Considering the breach of trust Obamacare implementation has already created, just keeping the government running will keep Congress busy enough.