In the diatribe, Butler cites a book she first read as a seminary student called Is God a White Racist? by William R. Jones. She found the book surprising then, but says she understands it now, particularly as she contemplates the death of Trayvon Martin, who died on February 26, 2012.

“God ain’t good all of the time,” Butler declares. “In fact, sometimes, God is not for us. As a black woman in an [sic] nation that has taken too many pains to remind me that I am not a white man, and am not capable of taking care of my reproductive rights, or my voting rights, I know that this American god ain’t my god.”

Butler is particularly upset at what she views as the conservative Christian conception of the Creator.

“Whatever makes them protected, safe, and secure, is worth it at the expense of the black and brown people they fear,” she rages. “Their god is the god that wants to erase race.”