After spending most of the past year and a half researching, pondering, and speaking to more people closer to the Jerry Sandusky case than likely anyone else in the world, even I am still not positive that I know exactly what really transpired in the so called “Penn State Scandal.” While I am quite certain that the largely accepted media storyline of some concerted “cover up” by Penn State of Sandusky’s crimes is false, I am somewhat convinced that we may never know for sure precisely what actually did occur.

I am also equally persuaded that, thanks to the unique nature of my placement within this story (having no connection to Penn State, having spoken expansively to almost all of the key players in the story but having no direct loyalty to the Paterno family, being the only person to extensively question Sandusky on the record, and not being beholden to a mainstream media outlet or their “conventional wisdom”), I am in a better position to get the real truth of this matter than probably anyone else. Assuming you look at all of it with an open mind, you will likely find that the extensive analysis which follows what you are now reading gets closer to that goal than anything else that has been written to date on this subject.

You will also see that the story of what really happened here is likely both far more interesting and culturally important than the mythology most people currently believe, and that its intrigue and significance has almost nothing to do with whether you care much at all about Joe Paterno or Penn State University.