“It’s better to seal a deal with China and get all we need. Money for development, arms. America is finished anyway. How do they allow themselves to object to the will of the Egyptian people? The Egyptian people decide their own fate, not Washington. Obama wants to have the Muslim Brotherhood rule over all the Middle East.”

“What’s the American interest to support the Muslim Brotherhood?” I asked. “Look,” explained one distinguished, older gentleman. “The West says one thing and does another. The Americans and Europeans speak so highly for democracy, freedom and human rights, but in the Middle East they support the most autocratic regimes, which object to all these principles.

“The Americans have three main interests in the area: Defending Israel, the oil in the Persian Gulf and control over the Suez Canal. They’ll do everything to maintain these interests, and therefore are in favor of the status-quo. Mubarak guaranteed Israel’s security. Morsi did nothing against Israel. Instead, he let Palestinians move from the Gaza Strip to Sinai. So, we deposed him.”