“To blame Hollywood liberalism — which does exist — is an excuse,” Golub told POLITICO. “Maybe some of the conservatives that are trying are just not that talented.” Golub also says he’s never been blacklisted for his views.

“I’ll do a comedy club if it’s a political comedy night. … These comedy club owners, they want to make money. They’re raging capitalists.”

And if anyone claims that President Barack Obama is just too difficult to make fun of, Golub says that’s nonsense.

“Those comedians are just lazy,” he said. “They don’t want to make fun of him.” For Golub, Obama’s comedic vulnerability is his heightened sense of self.

“He’s incredibly pompous,” Golub said. “Obama still can’t figure out, when he says 90 percent agree with me, well maybe they don’t! … I think he’s not the most sincere person on the planet and, yes, they should rename the presidential plane, Ear Force One.”