It’s now been confirmed that the Tsarnaevs got Section 8 housing. They lived in Cambridge. Rents are expensive even in the not-so-nice parts of the People’s Republic. Let’s figure $800 a month in subsidies, over 10 years.

At that rate, Section 8 alone would come to $96,000. (If these numbers are off, Gov. Patrick, feel free to give the Herald the 500 pages you turned over to the Legislature so we can write a correction.)

Then there’s the “cash” — also known as EBT cards, and “SNAP,” formerly known as food stamps. And Mass Health.

The only documents Deval has turned over, under duress, involve state-run programs. What about the federal handouts available to these poor persecuted political refugees, who sometimes took six-month vacations in their native land where they were so oppressed?

Ever hear of “crazy checks”?