Now there may be other reasons that government-provided garbage service makes sense for a city (public health, for example). But a city government’s responsibilities are limited enough that voters can hold leadership accountable if they fail to provide proper sanitation services.

But that accountability becomes much harder at higher levels of government. There are just too many other things going on. Government-provided trash service would make no sense at the state or federal level.

The same goes for much, but not all, of what the federal government does today. Should a president be worrying about security at diplomatic posts in violent countries? Absolutely. National security is one of the federal government’s core functions.

Should a president be worrying about whether or not taxpayer dollars are properly invested in the right energy companies? Not so much.

The myriad scandals currently drowning the White House are not just an indictment of Obama’s leadership. They are, more importantly, an indictment of the liberal view of an expansive federal government.