“There’s sort of a delicious irony here,” said Mark Feldstein, a former investigative reporter for CNN. “Before it was only the left screaming about WikiLeaks and the government crackdown on leaks. Now they’re in a position, if they’re going to be logically consistent, they have to defend Fox News.

“And Fox News, which has been screaming about leaks to WikiLeaks and the New York Times and other establishment papers, are going to have to do a belly flip to be consistent.”…

There was little fretting on the left about press freedom as the New York Times’s Judith Miller was jailed for nearly three months for refusing Fitzgerald’s demand that he name her sources to a grand jury. Some seemed to regard it as Miller’s comeuppance for credulous reporting on intelligence indicating Iraq was pursuing a nuclear program, which U.S. troops never found after they invaded in the war President George W. Bush launched.

“I remember defending Judy Miller and all these journalism professors on the left criticized me, saying I was being used as a mouthpiece for the Bush wars,” said Feldstein, a journalism professor at the University of Maryland.