“Everything’s been bought up and we’ve had ammunition that came right off the trucks,” said A.J. Wynne, an employee at Engage Armament. “They’d say, ‘What is that?’ I’d say, ‘9 mm.’ [They’d say,] ‘I’ll take it.’ Right before we’re even done booking guns in, it’s already sold.”

Geogre Heffner was in the store Friday, purchasing a handgun that he had ordered months ago.

“When I came here two months ago, there was nothing to be had,” he said. “The store was completely empty. I thought someone had come in and robbed it. Nothing on the shelves hardly at all…. Completely sold out.”

The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence issued a statement saying: “We fully support Governor O’Malley’s comprehensive legislation passed by the Maryland General Assembly. His leadership in the area of gun licensing, restricting access to military-style assault weapons and gun magazines will save lives.”