Absurdities abound in the commentary so far. We have always heard from the two opposites of the political spectrum: nativists and zero-growth environmental radicals. The truth is that the far left has poured far more resources to lobby against immigration reform than anyone else, ignoring our shrinking population, the fact that almost 5 percent of our current work force consists of unauthorized immigrants, and the shifting demographics that are taking place regardless of what actions, if any, we take on immigration reform.

Lastly, for those whose emphasis for or against this proposal are the political ramifications, transport yourselves back in history to the time when Congress debated the admission of our 49th and 50th states into the Union. At that time, in order for there to be bipartisan support for Hawaiian and Alaskan statehood, it was essential to admit both states simultaneously since political “experts” deemed that Hawaii would be largely Republican given our history in the Pacific wars and the residence of many military retirees in the islands. Alaska, on the other hand, was deemed to go to the Democrats given the risk takers and adventurers in its midst. Well, those political estimates were totally off the mark.

The truth is that no one can accurately predict the predilections and voting patterns of our future citizens.