Last week, Michael Moore made a big fuss on Twitter about his gallant rescue of Oscar-nominated director Emad Burnat, whom Moore said was detained and threatened with deportation by U.S. Customs and Border Protection when he tried to enter the country to attend the Oscars. …

This morning though, a source working at LAX familiar with the situation and speaking on the condition of anonymity, offered a very different account of events.

When Burnat arrived at the Customs and Border Protection desk at LAX, the source said, he was asked to state the purpose of his visit; when he said he was here to attend the Oscars, he was asked to produce his ticket.

When he wasn’t able to produce that document on spot, the source continued, Burnat was taken to a secondary inspection area where he found the ticket, showed it Customs officers, and was immediately allowed to proceed to the baggage claim.

This source insists the whole process took no longer than 25 minutes total, and was standard practice for anyone entering the country.