Megan McArdle of the Daily Beast expands upon this issue of quality and also proposes that universal Pre-K should be aimed only at those who are considered ‘at-risk.’

“There’s no evidence that I’m aware of that pre-school helps middle class kids; it helps poor kids because it makes up for the stuff that middle class parents do (reading readiness, for example), and poor parents can’t or don’t. …”

Taking a completely different approach to question the effectiveness of Pre-K, Rachel Ryan of the Huffington Post describes the effect of children who are prematurely separated from their mothers.

“A study released by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development found that the “more time children spent in child care from birth to age four-and-a-half… the less likely [they were] to get along with others, as more assertive, as disobedient, and as aggressive.””